Dansen beginnend met B

Baby I'm burning Easy intermediate 4-wall 32 Jos Slijpen Baby, I'm burning, Dolly Parton
Baby I miss you Intermediate 2-wall 32 Juliet Lam Baby I miss you, Chris Norman
Baby Jane Beginner 4-wall 32 Gaye Teather Baby Jane, Paul Bailey
Babycham Absolute beginner 4-wall 32 Ron Bloye Champagne promise, David Nail
Back home Beginner/Intermediate 4-wall 32 Karen Hunn Sing me back home, Billy Ray Cyrus
Back in my arms Intermediate 2-wall 64 Heather Barton Back in my arms, Mark Medlock
Back to front Intermediate 2-wall 64 Gary Lafferty Today I started loving you again, Buddy Jewell & Miranda Lambert
Bad moon on the rise Intermediate 4-wall 64 Allison Biggs Bad moon rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Ballymore boys Intermediate 4-wall 32 Dynamite Dot The boys from Ballymore, Sham Rock
Be OK Beginner 4-wall 24 Yvonne Klomp Everything will be okay, Home Free
Be strong Easy intermediate 4-wall 32 Audrey Watson The words I love you, Chris de Burgh
Bed of roses Beginner/Intermediate 2-wall 32 Jan Wyllie Bed of Rose's, The Statler Brothers
Beer for my horses Beginner 4-wall 40 Christine Bass Beer for my horses, Toby Keith
Before Beginner 4-wall 32 Els ten Brink Mr. rock 'n roll, Amy McDonald
Best part of the day Improver 4-wall 64 Marie Sorensen The best part of the day is the nght, The Outlaws
Between dances Intermediate 4-wall 36 Maggie Gallagher In between dances, Nadine Somers Band
Big blue tree Beginner 4-wall 32 Ria Vos Big blue tree, Michael English
Black Coffee Beginner 4-wall 48 Helen O'Mailey Black coffee, Lucy J. Dalton
Black horse Intermediate 4-wall 32 Kate Sala Black horse & the cherry tree, KT Tunstall
Blue beyond Intermediate 4-wall 64 Robbie McGowan Hickie Beyond the blue, Beth Nielsen Chapman
Blue moon shuffle Improver 4-wall 32 Diana Dawson Blue moon nights, John Fogerty
Blue rose is Beginner 1-wall 32 Donna Lent Blue rose, Pam Tillis
Bobby sox Beginner 4-wall 32 Gaye Teather Rock-a-Billy, The Bellamy Brothers
Bored Beginner 4-wall 32 Ria Vos Bored to death, Eric Hutchinson
Bossa Nova Intermediate 4-wall 64 Phil Dennington Blame it on the bossa nova, Jane MacDonald
Bounce Beginner 4-wall 32 Barry Durand Bounce, Sarah Conner
Bowlegging Intermediate 4-wall 64 Barry & Tamela Baker Any way the wind blows, Brother Phelps
Bread on the table Intermediate 2-wall 64 Maggie Gallagher Bread on the table, Tom Wurth
Bremer Beginner 4-wall 28 Can't keep a good man down, Alan Jackson OF Pick a bale of cotton, Black Hills Countryband
Bring on the good times Improver 4-wall 32 Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Bring on the good times, Lisa McHugh