Dansen beginnend met S

Sea cruise Beginner 4-muurs 32 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Sea cruise, Showaddywaddy
Sea of heartbreak Improver 4-muurs 32 Niels B. Poulsen Sea of heartbreak, Rosanne Cash feat. Bruce Springsteen
Second hand Tequila Beginner 4-muurs 32 Francien Sittrop Second hand Tequila, Jimmy Melton
Seein' double Beginner 2-wall 32 Steve & Denise Bisson Feelin' single, seein' double, Ann Tayler
Shake your boogie Intermediate 2-muurs 64 DJ Dan Shake your boogie and roll, Pete Stothard
Shania's moment Intermediate 2-muurs 48 Nathan Easey From this moment on, Shania Twain
Singing the song Beginner 4-muurs 32 Pim Humphrey This is the life, Amy MacDonald
Single Waltz Beginner 1-muurs 54 You don't even know who I am, Patty Loveless
Sky loves blue Beginner 4-muurs 32 Audrey Watson More & more & more, The Bellamy Brothers
Soluna Intermediate 4-muurs 64 Robbie McGowan Hickie Monday mi amor, Soluna
Some girls will Improver 4-wall 64 Vikki Morris Some girls will, some girls won't, Mike Denver of The Deans
Something in the water Beginner 4-muurs 32 Niels B. Poulsen Something in the water, Brooke Fraser
Spanish bible Intermediate 2-wall 64 Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk
Speak to the sky Beginner 2-muurs 56 Keith Davis Speak to the sky, Brendon Walmsley
Speak with your heart Intermediate 4-muurs 32 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Don't tell me you're not in love, Collin Raye
Standing in a crossfire Beginner 4-muurs 32 Krosline Crossfire, DJ Ötzi & The Bellamy Brothers
Stop me now Improver 4-muurs 32 Maggie Gallagher Can't stop me now, Rod Stewart
Stories Intermediate 2-wall 32 Jannie Tofte Anderson 7 years, Lukas Graham
Stripes Improver 4-muurs 64 Ria Vos Stripes, Brandy Clark
Stroll alone cha cha Beginner 4-muurs 32 Rodeo cowboys I just wanna dance with you, George Strait
Sundown waltz Intermediate 4-muurs 48 Robbie McGowan Hickie Sundown in Nashville, Marty Stuart
Superstar Beginner 4-wall 36 Daisy Simons Superstar, Raul Malo
Sway Intermediate 4-muurs 64 Carl Sullivan Sway, Michael Bublé
Sweet Liza Improver 2-muurs 48 L.D. Ducker Sweet Little Liza, Paul Bailey
Sweet hurt Improver 4-muurs 64 Ria Vos Sweet Hurt, Jack Savoretti
Swing low sweet chariot Beginner 2-muurs 32 Jo Thompson Szymanski Swing low sweet chariot, Scooter Lee