Dansen beginnend met D

Dance with Derek Improver 4-wall 48 Audrey Watson Shut up and dance with me, Derek Ryan
Deep in my heart Improver 2-wall 48 Lene Mainz Pedersen & Inge Vestergård Knee deep in my heart, Shane Filan
Dig a little deeper Improver 4-wall 32 Norman Gifford What'cha gonna do, The Oak Ridge Boys
Divisadero cha Easy intermediate 4-wall 32 Michelle Burton There's no getting over me, Ronnie Milsap
Dixie falls Beginner 4-wall 32 Gary Lafferty I'm falling again, Dixie Chicks
Dixie road Improver 4-wall 32 Sue Smyth Dixie Road, Nathan Carter
Dizzy Intermediate 4-wall 32 Jo Thompson Dizzy, Scooter Lee
Dog & Bone Beginner/intermediate 4-wall 32 Kate Sala How a cowgirl says goodbye, Tracy Lawrence
Don't feel like dancing Intermediate 4-wall 64 Patricia E. Stott I don't feel like dancing, Scissor sisters
Don't give a blank Easy intermediate 4-wall 32 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Pound Sign (#?*!), Kevin Fowler
Don't make me laugh Intermediate 4-wall 68 Patricia E. Stott It only hurts when I laugh, Rick Trevino
Don't you wish Beginner 4-wall 32 Daisy Simons Don't you wish it was true, John Fogerty
Down on the corner Beginner 4-wall 32 Peter Metelnick Down on the corner, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Dream lover Improver 2-wall 64 Daniel Whittaker Dream Lover, Jason Donovan
Drop dead gorgeous High improver 4-wall 32 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris They Can’t See, Michael Tyler